Text Of Prop 65 Warning:
This product may contain materials that can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Glasses and sunglasses may display the Prop 65 warning because of the Bisphenol-A (BpA) found in polycarbonate lenses. Bisphenol-A (BpA) is a starting material in the manufacture of polycarbonate, so there are trace amounts of BpA found in those lenses.

Common consumer goods, such as water bottles and the coatings on the inside of many food and beverage containers are made with BpA. According to, studies have consistently shown that the potential migration of BpA into food is extremely low, generally less than 5 parts per billion.

Also consider that you will not be biting, drinking from, or otherwise ingesting your glasses lenses. In May, 2015, the state of California relisted (BpA) on the Prop 65 chemicals list.

Fashion jewelry may display the Prop 65 warning due to the possibility that the metal may contain one or more chemicals such as cadmium.

What is wrong with your product?
Nothing! We are proud of our products. We sell high-quality products that meet all state, federal and local safety laws.

Why do you put this label on your products?
Under California law, companies must provide this warning if their products contain any chemicals on the State of California’s list of 850+ chemicals that may cause cancer or reproductive harm.

This label is approved as a “reasonable warning” in regulations adopted by California’s Environmental Protection Agency.

Proposition 65 allows Californians to sue a business that does not put this warning on their products.

Our products meet all state, local, and federal safety laws.

What is Proposition 65?
Proposition 65 is a California law passed by California voters in 1986. Its formal name is the "Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986."

Prop 65 requires the state to keep a list of substances that may cause cancer or reproductive toxicity in humans or animals. You can get more information about Prop 65 on Californa’s website,

Prop 65 requires businesses to warn customers if they will be exposed to an amount that is more than one-thousandth of the amount that causes no effect (for reproductive toxins) or that would cause more than one case of cancer in 100,000, assuming that exposure every single day for a lifetime.

Prop 65 does not regulate the amount of chemicals in products. It just requires a warning.

Prop 65 does not prohibit selling any product. It just requires a warning.

Our products meet all federal, state, and local safety laws.